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T&E Expense Management Report 2012

I’ve just seen the final draft of the Aberdeen Group’s latest report on T&E Expense Management. It’s not out just yet but it’s a great read and there are some really interesting stats from their latest round of research.


It got me thinking about why some companies are seemingly slow to take up automated expense management solutions. Maybe it’s cost? But the ROI, especially compared to a paper-based system, can be phenomenal. Maybe it’s not a strategic priority? But why, when companies across the globe are looking for better ways to reduce costs and take control of their spend. Maybe it’s the upheaval of business change? But ‘it’s just easier to stick with the old process’ doesn’t bring real business improvements.

Whatever the reason, I hope this latest research report will help drive some action. The difference between the ‘best in class’ and the ‘laggards’ is significant, and even the average performers have a lot of room for improvement. If companies are serious about streamlining processes and taking control of costs then we’ve still got a way to go until they start to see the impact on their bottom line.

So what’s holding you back?

Update: The Aberdeen Group T&E Expense Management Report is now available! Take a look for more on why 70% of companies now see expense management as a strategic concern. Read valuable insights into the challenges companies face, how best-in-class businesses manage their expenses and what companies can do to improve their processes. 


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