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Top tip 4: Your expense management system must catch all your transactions

Catch all your transactions with your expense management system
Think of your expenses as butterflies and your EMS as a huge net, allowing you to capture and release them.

Top tip 3: Ditch the paper based manual processing

Ditch the paper based manual expense processing
It’s a simple equation. Reducing manual processes = fewer mistakes.

Top Tip 2: Calculate how much you’re spending on your company expenses

Interactive savings calculator
Do you know how much it costs you to process your expenses? Including the fiddly low-value ones? Probably more than they’re worth. The fact is, ignorance of these figures is not bliss for your balance sheet.

Top tip 1 - Will your EMS work for everyone?

Time to save
If you are looking for an expense management system and don’t know where to start, here’s a useful mantra. For the modern, agile company which strives for hawkish scrutiny of its bottom line, we suggest chanting this three times per day:

Top tips for expense management mastery

Top tips for expense management mastery, Top 5 image
An encouraging number of organisations understand expense management. According to business intelligence specialists, Aberdeen Group, three quarters of organisations across the world see travel and expense management (T&E) as strategically important. But when it comes to adopting an expense management system (EMS), companies often don’t know which system will be the right fit for their company.

Why are P-cards still a problem?

Thirteen eWorld Purchasing and Supply Conferences later and we still find companies wondering how to get their Purchasing Cards working for them.