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The death of the app?

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We all love our apps. Small ‘nuggets’ on our home screens that give easy access to the information we use most often. They practically define who we are and what we're interested in! But does the arrival of HTML5 and responsive web design spell the end for apps? We think it might.

Top tip 4: Your expense management system must catch all your transactions

Catch all your transactions with your expense management system
Think of your expenses as butterflies and your EMS as a huge net, allowing you to capture and release them.

Time has passed, but key issues in expense management still remain...why?

Are your travel expenses integrated? - Business people integration large jigsaw
Technology used to automate the management of credit card transactions, or expense management systems (EMS) have spread worldwide since the commercialisation of the corporate card over the past 30 years.

Top tip 3: Ditch the paper based manual processing

Ditch the paper based manual expense processing
It’s a simple equation. Reducing manual processes = fewer mistakes.