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Top Tip 2: Calculate how much you’re spending on your company expenses

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Do you know how much it costs you to process your expenses? Including the fiddly low-value ones? Probably more than they’re worth. The fact is, ignorance of these figures is not bliss for your balance sheet.

Top tip 1 - Will your EMS work for everyone?

Time to save
If you are looking for an expense management system and don’t know where to start, here’s a useful mantra. For the modern, agile company which strives for hawkish scrutiny of its bottom line, we suggest chanting this three times per day:

Top tips for expense management mastery

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An encouraging number of organisations understand expense management. According to business intelligence specialists, Aberdeen Group, three quarters of organisations across the world see travel and expense management (T&E) as strategically important. But when it comes to adopting an expense management system (EMS), companies often don’t know which system will be the right fit for their company.

Why are P-cards still a problem?

Thirteen eWorld Purchasing and Supply Conferences later and we still find companies wondering how to get their Purchasing Cards working for them.

Should the UK Government be funding supply chain financing?

I despise ‘big business tactics’ of delaying payment, especially to smaller suppliers. It doesn’t do anyone any good in the long term and they need to be dissuaded from doing so wherever possible.

Taxi fraud – Time for corporates to start flexing their muscles

A few weeks ago we released some research that looked at taxi-related expense fraud. It’s something we’ve highlighted before, and for good reason it seems. Our research showed it’s common for nearly a third of UK employees to use blank taxi receipts to claim more than they should, or to claim for non-work related ‘phantom fares’.

No NFC for iPhone 5

So Apple have launched the next version of the iPhone and I was pretty surprised to see that it doesn’t have the much-talked about NFC functionality. It’s a shame as I think that would have helped mobile payments start to take off in the consumer space. And of course once we all get used to paying for our own purchases with our mobile it’s only a matter of time until we expect business transactions to be made the same way.